0 Soundscape & Healing

  • by Biljana
  • 19-04-2024

 Soundscapes is one of my passions and practices here at WhirlingWisdom @DivinePlay Studio!

I have been studied, observes and working with Sound Healing for over 24 years and established a unique approach to offer the service as an integrative experience, private or group session, also virtually. 

I am also exploring  “Sound as Medicine” collectively, in diverse settings including:

Sound-Bath, Sound-Ceremony & Sound-Wave atonement’s~

 Open to travel and private arrangements!
Investment: $ 120 for private session 1h:30min
        $ 150 for couple 1h:30min
Group sessions range from $30 to $ 55
contact Biljana: birthingstar@gmail.com 

Upcoming Events: 

FrequencySound Solstice Experience

EarthStar & SoulStar Chakra + CopperPyramid

JUNE 22 at 6pm to 8pm  $40 

Whirling Wisdom @ Divine Play Studio

 An invitation to a  Cosmic-Sound presentation and collaboration with Campbell Foster. A Canadian Sonological practitioner and Inventor of two sound therapeutic instruments, with a new method of sound synthesis (Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis). He will be installing a ‘Jupiter Stargate PYRAMIDION’ (6’x6’ x9’- 3” height) Copper Pyramid’ at “Whirling Wisdom @ Divine Play” Studio for this upcoming Solstice- FullMoon-Collective-Align. 

Campbell will be presenting and revealing his ‘brake trough’ of the healing -sound- frequencies on the ‘ grounding’ Earth Star Chakra, and connections to the Universe with Soul Star Chakra. He will also lead the participants in a mindful meditation through the subconscious ALPHA and THETA Brain Wave frequencies for a wholesome atonement.   

Experience the power of 'sound-medicine' as Biljana ‘rattles’ the consciously -creative -sound -intentions’, with a ‘pure tones’ & play of the crystal & brass singing bowls, ocean Drum, 4elements Chimes, Idopan, Flutes, "tuning forks" and other culturally diverse instruments~

Painted on the studio floor mural is an imagery of Creational Spiral @ Celestial Heart Opening, infused with "The Symbols of The Spiritual Teachings”, all to aim one to a harmonious optimizing light waves. Our invitation is to create a space of ‘deep listening’, while the Copper Pyramid provides a vortex of electromagnetic- cleanse and a  ‘deep dive’ into the ‘well of consciousness’. An ‘Epic-Solar- download’ for better more synchronizing presence, life, communities, and Gia. 

We will be serving Cacao & tea’s satisfying taste in an all-inclusive alignment of the senses.Allow this unique experience vibration to celebrate with every cell of your body while we re-invent the inner sense of peace, joy, love, harmony, tranquility… 

Maximum attendance of 11 guests. Reserve your seat and embrace your transformative sonic circle of the “Metaphysics of One”!

For Campbell Foster's biography, direct links and 

your host Biljana Webb visit Frog Hollow Art Experience: 


 TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/909991337587?aff=oddtdtcreator 


 YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/LY-k5v6Yn_I