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    • by Biljana
    • 13-05-2024

     For the upcoming session 2024 we have two scheduled events: June 2th and Aug. 4th    THE ROYAL TEA PARTY We are inviting the community to meet at the Gardens while we  welcome the presence of King Bamidele, an African ‘Wisdom Keeper’ On August 4th from 3 to 5pm The event is accompanied by live music (with local 'frog hollow musicians)and intuitive offerings. Assortment of herbal Teas and delights will be provided... Event min. Donation $22 for adult or $5 for child  Followed by a SACRED FIRE JAM ceremony at the Tipi, from 7pm to 9pm on African Spirituality and Drumming.  Suggested min. Donation $25 (All donations will be shared for fire wood, lodging and community development projects in African)  Bamidele will be staying at the Whirling Wisdom Studio and seeing the community for Consultation and divination sessions on Aug.4 and August 5th  Available times: August 4th from 3pm to 6pm, August 5th from 9am until noon 1hr. Consultation - Session value: $100 For our more information on Bamidele visit:   https://www.froghollowartexperience.com/community.php?controller=pjLoad&action=pjActionView&id=51 To reserve your attendance; book a private session with Bamidele And for the one interested for overnight accommodation you may arrange with  Biljana at: birthingstar@gmail.com  www.froghollowartexperience.com       ENCHANTED TEA PARTY presents "RISE" an  Aerial Art Performance June 2th, from 1 to 3pm  Here is to our Frog Hollow favourite and Opening of the 'enchanted' season. Will begin with 'spoken word' with Douglas Smith poetry, intuitive messages by Biljana and sound offerings by our Frog Hollow guest musicians. Our highlight special features an Aerial Performance. For more information on the Artist and featured guest visit the Community page. Suggested donation: $22 adult or $5 child Confirm your attendance at e-mail: birthingstar@gmail.com  for information on our Areal Artists and ‘Featured Guest’ visit our Community page.  WhirlingWisdom @ Divine Play Studio

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    • by Biljana
    • 19-04-2024

     Soundscapes is one of my passions and practices here at WhirlingWisdom @DivinePlay Studio! I have been studied, observes and working with Sound Healing for over 24 years and established a unique approach to offer the service as an integrative experience, private or group session, also virtually.  I am also exploring  “Sound as Medicine” collectively, in diverse settings including: Sound-Bath, Sound-Ceremony & Sound-Wave atonement’s~  Open to travel and private arrangements! Investment: $ 120 for private session 1h:30min         $ 150 for couple 1h:30min Group sessions range from $30 to $ 55contact Biljana: birthingstar@gmail.com    Upcoming Events:  FrequencySound Solstice Experience EarthStar & SoulStar Chakra + CopperPyramid JUNE 22 at 6pm to 8pm  $40  Whirling Wisdom @ Divine Play Studio  An invitation to a  Cosmic-Sound presentation and collaboration with Campbell Foster. A Canadian Sonological practitioner and Inventor of two sound therapeutic instruments, with a new method of sound synthesis (Electroacoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis). He will be installing a ‘Jupiter Stargate PYRAMIDION’ (6’x6’ x9’- 3” height) Copper Pyramid’ at “Whirling Wisdom @ Divine Play” Studio for this upcoming Solstice- FullMoon-Collective-Align.  Campbell will be presenting and revealing his ‘brake trough’ of the healing -sound- frequencies on the ‘ grounding’ Earth Star Chakra, and connections to the Universe with Soul Star Chakra. He will also lead the participants in a mindful meditation through the subconscious ALPHA and THETA Brain Wave frequencies for a wholesome atonement.    Experience the power of 'sound-medicine' as Biljana ‘rattles’ the consciously -creative -sound -intentions’, with a ‘pure tones’ & play of the crystal & brass singing bowls, ocean Drum, 4elements Chimes, Idopan, Flutes, "tuning forks" and other culturally diverse instruments~ Painted on the studio floor mural is an imagery of Creational Spiral @ Celestial Heart Opening, infused with "The Symbols of The Spiritual Teachings”, all to aim one to a harmonious optimizing light waves. Our invitation is to create a space of ‘deep listening’, while the Copper Pyramid provides a vortex of electromagnetic- cleanse and a  ‘deep dive’ into the ‘well of consciousness’. An ‘Epic-Solar- download’ for better more synchronizing presence, life, communities, and Gia.  We will be serving Cacao & tea’s satisfying taste in an all-inclusive alignment of the senses.Allow this unique experience vibration to celebrate with every cell of your body while we re-invent the inner sense of peace, joy, love, harmony, tranquility…  Maximum attendance of 11 guests. Reserve your seat and embrace your transformative sonic circle of the “Metaphysics of One”! For Campbell Foster's biography, direct links and  your host Biljana Webb visit Frog Hollow Art Experience:  https://www.froghollowartexperience.com/community.php?controller=pjLoad&action=pjActionView&id=81  TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/909991337587?aff=oddtdtcreator     YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/LY-k5v6Yn_I    

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    FEATHER FAN WORKSHOP     July 7th from 2 to 4 pm I am offering a sacred space and my guidance to explore the ‘wisdom of feathers’ and make a smudge fan or a smudge feather along the way. At this in-structural workshop you will be supported in the creation of your fan and more importantly learn about traditional and contemporary understandings of ‘meaning of feathers’; proper handling and care; understandings by diverse cultural awareness and also tune to your own intuitive cognitions with the nature of this offering.  All materials are inclusive, including feathers, natural hide & coloured, crystals, beads etc.. You are also welcome to bring you special feather or decorative element if you have some to include in your creation.   Duration of the workshop 2 hr.        Investment: $55   Meaning of Feathers The Meaning of Feathers plays an important role in the awareness of many cultures. Most understanding embodies the spiritual idea that all natural things within the universe, including birds have spirits forms. That spirit exist, not only in humans, but also in birds (they imprint their fluidal energy onto their feathers) and in animals, plants,  and all living beings. The doctrine is that everything is alive, and possesses an inherent virtue, power and wisdom. The generalized meaning of feathers signified honour & connected the carrier with the Creation and the bird whose feathers came from. Feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees. Feathers arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose.   Birds were revered as bringers of messages and symbols of change and often symbolized light-hearted freedom, their feathers have many spiritual, ceremonial & ritual uses. Decorated feathers were sometimes attached to sacred objects and tools, in the ancient culture and traditions of First Nations the meaning of feathers are inextricably tied to the understanding that birds, as spirit guides, appear through different stages of life to a person, teaching and guiding them, and in some instances protecting them. The meaning of birds and their feathers are of great significance as they are considered to possess Creational energetic powers that can embody, attach and influence a person, empowering them with the powerful traits, attributes and characteristics of the bird.    At the duration of this workshop we will also discus meanings of birds and observe information of the significance of each bird’s attributes and symbolism. Also learn about the purpose, teachings and proper ways of ‘smudging’ and handling sacred objects.  All ages are invited to attend this fun feather crafting afternoon at SpirolGate of Art & Wellbeing by, Biljana Webb   STAINED GLASS WORKSHOP Educational hands on workshop with Whirling Wisdom Studio. At this experience you will be supported to envision and create your unique "element"-design out of stained glass. Example:  feather, leaf, star, mushroom, est. This is a "step by step"  instructional learning experience, all tools and materials are inclusive. You will be learning about glass, drawing and cutting, soldering and decorating your unique creation. Duration approximately 3hr.      Investment: $250 For private or group bookings reach Biljana at: birthingstar@gmail.com 

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    • by Biljana
    • 06-04-2024

      "Love is in the Earth" -Guided Crystal Trail Hike ~ with Crystal Bowls Sound Initiation ~Explore mineral trails at Titanate Hill, known world wide by its unique findings of: Titanite, Apatite, Richterite, Feldspar, Calcite, Mica among others. At the explorative and educational part of the experience you will have an opportunity to walk the trail in sacred awareness and witness the minerals at their natural habitat, learn of the crystals metaphysical and healing properties, and have some "findings for keeps". Followed by and Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation and initiation of your findings in a sacred awareness at SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing. Investment: $ 80 per person (only hike ) or $130  Crystal Bowls Meditation Families are welcome, for children between 7 to 12 years: $25All inclusive- including: Crystal Elixir, Crystals and chiseling materials for the one interested( basket, chiseling tools, shovel, hammer, safety classes)What to bring: Journal; comfortable hiking boots/ wear, bottle for water, snack) To book your time and register, contact Biljana: birthingstar@gmail.com 

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    • by Biljana
    • 06-04-2024

     Spirit Drum Making Workshop Please know this is a sacred gathering & work and I am truly honoured to have you be part of this creation and guide you at the flow of becoming a Drum carrier. There will be sharing of intro-cultural wisdom of this universal Drum Spirit & Songs during the building process. We will be working with White Tail Deer hide and round Ash hard-wood frames (for whom I am in collaboration with and prepared by First Nations) to fasten your Drum Spirit, these are the offerings: Materials: All-inclusive. Drum frame: 11/12 inch, Investment $250 Drum frame: 14/15 inch, Investment $280 Drum Frame 16/17 inch, Investment $300 Children's frame 8/9 inch, investment $120 After the creation of the Hand Drum, I am offering Drum Blessing/initiation Ceremony and Feasting for the Drum gathering (inclusive & optional) to follow and be held in my Tipi and in sacred pipe & smudge ceremony. To book and reserve your attendance consider investing half of the cost of the workshop so I may arrange and prepare the needed materials.  For the one traveling, please know overnight Airbnb accommodation or camping is available.     Drum Painting Workshop  For the one interested in painting their Spirit Drum, I offer private or group guided sessions. Investment: $120 for a hands on”, envisioning and in-structural painting. All materials are inclusive, bring your drum or purchase one made by the artist~ To book and reserve your private or group time contact Biljana: birthingstar@gmail.com 

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      Whirling Wisdom Intuitive Sessions with Biljana Webb By phone, virtual or in person, these individual or group sessions offer transformational tools and in-depth insights, that answer the deepest question of Human Evolution. Are you seeking counselling that will further enrich your life in purposeful ways? Or do you feel the calling of your Soul, longing for answers of higher truth, your Life’s Passion, and the Destiny of your Creative spark? Then be open….the answers are stalking you! Biljana, as a 'wisdom keeper,' can tune into the fibers of your essence and spin the Story of your presence. Be prepared to ask or simply open to the Wisdom being offered from your session's spark.  Biljana had been initiated to draw the energies and teachings from multi-dimensional planes of co-existence that awaken the Ancestral Knowledge and embody the collective light-working ways of the Ancient One. The reading will be channeled & reflected through the weaving of diverse divinity tools: Tarot; Oracles; Star Seeds, Sacred Path & Power Deck; Karma Cards, Plant Ocacles, Ancestors & Guides, etc.. For your records, she can assist you in finding your Maya and Aztec birth sign. As well as look into the Celtic ancient ways of working with the 'Wisdom of Trees, to reveal your mythical story. One of her favorite ways of teaching is to work on remembering and understanding our connection to Mother Earth and to all her creatures. With the help of Animal Allies, their medicines, plants, trees, and traditional teachings that have been passed down by many elders of the diverse indigenous nations, she opens new doorways of understanding for those who seek the Oneness of ALL Relations... The session will be graced by her Whirling Wisdom Visionary Art, which light will transport you into a vortex of geometrical & metaphysical ascending plane that will illuminate the seeds of your Higher Self & your relationship/understanding of the New Earth!  Individual Whirling Wisdom Sessions  INVESTMENT: 1-hour long session: $120 or 30min $70 YOU MAY CALL OR E-MAIL TO SCHEDULE IN PERSON, TELEPHONE, OR ViIRTUAL SESSION Ph.: 647. 518-5593 (Canada)  E-MAIL: birthingstar@gmail.com    

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      Biljana Webb  Your Frog Hollow host & practising visionary artist, intuitive, sound healing and ceremony.  Working with Sound explorations for over 24 years in diverse modalities , mindful meditations and in intentional collaborative sound  experiences~ Offering private & group sound healing sessions and mentorship program. For Group SondBaths and Sound Ceremony experiences, please refer to upcoming news and Soundscapes page on this site. FEATURED GUEST MUSICIANS   CAMPBELL FOSTER Canadian Sonological Researcher Campbell Foster is a sound therapist, health and life coach, electronic music composer, performer, interactive systems designer, educator and inventor of two sound therapeutic instruments; the Electro-acoustic Sheet Metal Feedback Phone, and the CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE.Campbell studied Electronic Music with Anne Southam at the RCMT in 1975, and at York University to earn a special honours degree in Electronic Music, Composition and Computer Science.   Campbell was Music Director of Computer Music Research for Canada’s own Mcleyvier CMI (1982-86).  Campbell’s Sonological Research Directive is to discover and research the methods, aesthetics and results of Electro-acoustic and Computational Feedback Synthesis, connecting through performances, recordings, and videos.To interactively deliver and impart the Sonological Research concepts, methods, techniques and discoveries of Feedback Synthesis through a ‘Research Blog RS7’ https://campbellfoster.ca, sound & media works, field instrument installations, exhibits, lectures, and performances for the scientific, and aesthetic communities.  Currently developing a course on the feedback synthesis method,  and knowing the Energy of Creation.   Meet Campbell at the upcoming collaborative Saundscape event: FrequencySound Solstice Experience EarthStar & SoulStar Chakra + CopperPyramid  JUNE 22 from 6 to 8pm   TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/909991337587?aff=oddtdtcreator  Whirling Wisdom @ Divine Play Studio   Michael GrÃund- musician  Meet Michael at our Frog Hollow special events with some Forest Magick, a channeling of the magnificence of the trees and elements, performed on Acoustic and Classical guitar, Mandolin and various forms of percussion… Here is a link of his album titled SPIRITRITE, be sure to tune in to upcoming events… @ SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing~~ https://spiritrite.bandcamp.com/album/forest-magick  David Guess who "hopped in"? David is playing old favourites on saxophone and clarinet in a relaxing free range jazzy style.  You may meet him at  Sunday's Enchanted Tea Parties and other event happenings.   SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing 18378 Highway 118, Tory Hill, ON   E-mail your attendance: birthingstar@gmail.com www.froghollowartexperience.com 

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    Aerial Art Performance  Meet our “birthing stars” duo, Laura Hunt and Shashwananeka Lili Banchotova In a  “ RISE” tandem Silks Performances at Whirling Wisdom Art Studio. They are our ‘highlight’ at the enchanting our Tea Party’s special on June 2 from 1 to 3pm suggested donation: $22 adult and $5 child all funds raised will be invested towards upgrading equipment and keeping this art thriving~  Laura Hunt loves creative expression through music and dance. She grew up doing competitive gymnastics and cheer-leading. This naturally lead her into coaching for nearly ove a decade. She then discovered aerial silks and performed for many years with the Hamilton Aerial Group, again for over a decade, she states: “ My heart is very happy when I am flipping, twirling and teaching”!  Laura is the teacher of “Neka” who is 10 years of age now and performing together for two year, as an inspired duo ”The Vine Tribe” and your youngest host at Frog Hollow.   SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing 18378 Highway 118, Tory Hill, ON   E-mail your attendance: birthingstar@gmail.com  www.froghollowarttour.com   

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        Biljana Webb is the Visionary Artist, Intuitive and Creative Founding Director at Whirling Wisdom Studio and Frog Hollow Art Experience. She is a certified lead artist educator from an establish artist program at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. Who practices multidisciplinary art forms, Sound Healing & Ceremony. She offers diverse “hands on” skilled oriented art workshops” also private and group intuitive session; and leads in a mentorship programs for the one interested in pursuing Sound as Medicine.  For Intuitive Sessions & consultations visit “SERVICES’ page on this site. For Artist biography visit ‘Studio & Retreats’ page.      FEATURED GESTS:      Martin Millen~  Martin Millen is a First Nation Traditional Healer and Lodge Conductor. Martin come to Frog Hollow in 2023 in a collaborative initiative with Earth Dance Studio and Whirling Wisdom Studio for manifesting of the four sacred canvasses that present “Reconnecting to Nature Through Spiritual Teachings and Sacred Geometry of the Sweat Lodge”.The four 5’x5’  acrylic paintings are titled: “The Earth World”, “The Human World”, The Spirit World”, and “The Sky World”. These paintings, otherwise known as “sacred hoops”, are as a teaching tool to share Ojibway oral knowledge of the four races coming together at the sacred fire. We recognize this being the “8th Fire”. Each of the four races were given two gifts each. As humanity has reached a crossroad, we are asked to bring these eight gifts together to create One Great Nation. The gift of the Red Nation is to carry the Earth and Spirit knowledge. It is through the Sweat Lodge that the Red Standing People communicate this understanding. Martin is utilizing these paintings to communicate sacred knowledge, to develop cross-cultural relationships and to reconnect all people back to good relations with the Earth. Martin and his Family travel from their home land in North Bay. For information on their attendance seek at our News and reach out at Contact Us.   Oloja Bamidele Bajowa, wisdom keeper from Nigeria, Africa HRH Oloja Bamidele Bajowa of Bajowa Village in Ondo State Nigeria, Africa is a Yoruba Elder, High Chief (Ijama) and Babalawo who is globally renowned for his sharing of his Yoruba heritage through engaging ceremonies - a focus on honoring the ancestors, libations, lecture, natural medicines, musical presentations, Ifa divination and consultations. Lecture topics include: -Introduction to African Spirituality -Orishas and the benefits of African Spirituality  -Ancestors our closest allies -Living a life of abundance -'sacred intentions' as tools for ,problem solving,.   HRH Bamidele Bajowa’s current community development projects include: -Yoruba House project in supporting and bringing awareness to the Yoruba heritage in the diaspora and in Africa. -Club10society in support of women farmers and traders  - FutureBrite play and learn centre in support of children’s education focused on technology, science and the arts.    We are truly honoured to host Prince Bamidele, a wisdom keeper, who is traveling from Nigeria and staying at the SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing for our summer Frog Hollow experience. He will is our guest at the Storytelling Tipi, sharing the traditional Yoruba teachings and leading a spiritual ceremony.  While at his stay, Prince Bamidele will be also available to the community for a private spiritual consultations and readings. Sessions coast: $100 All funds raised at this gatherings and private sessions will go towards his travels and in support to his community projects in Okitipupa, Nigeria.  Scheduled upcoming visit and sessions with Bamidele: August 4th & 5th, 2024to book your sessions contact: Biljana at: birthingstar@gmail.com    For all other upcoming events and sessions with the “wisdom keepers” visit News on Home page or “Contact Us” to book your private or group sessions~   SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing 18378 Highway 118, Tory Hill, ON   E-mail your attendance: birthingstar@gmail.com  www.froghollowartexperience.com   

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    Join Mark at the Storytelling Tipi   Mark Jenkins tells stories that confront difficult realities with a positive life-affirming vision and a transformative personal quest. He writes novels, and creates characters who are beloved to him and then takes them on adventures into a true-to-life world, rather than a fantasy world. He believes we are each characters in our own true-to-life tall tale. for more info on his Ray adventure series and purchase you may find him by his writers pen Verity Jenkins www.verityjenkins.com   Mark has developed and implemented experiential learning programs for organizations worldwide. However, when his mother, Betty, began showing symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia, he took a break to spend quality time with her. Their time together became the start of a caregiving journey, which Mark calls "accompaniment." Their days were filled with "outings" where Mark and his Mother explored nature's beauty, its flora and fauna, always ending up at a picnic spot. Despite his mother’s cognitive function loss, they choose the path of awe and wonder. Playfulness, imagination, beauty, and love were their guiding principles. However, the journey was not without its challenges. Midway, Mark found himself at his limits in caring for his mother. He had to advocate fiercely to secure the support he needed to see her through to the end of her life. This experience has fueled Mark's dedication to helping others navigate the complexities of caregiving and find the support they need.  Visit Mark’s home site: www.aboutcaring.ca  SCHEDULED SESSION: September 8th, 2024 from 1 to 3pm   EVENT is by donation ~  “To Care or Not to Long-Term Care” Summary:  “Facing complex choices regarding care for ourselves or loved ones is common. By tuning into our emotions, we can make sustainable decisions aligned with our feelings, avoiding unrealistic narratives. Embracing our caring journey without regret or burnout is key. The session encourages sharing experiences to gain wisdom and new perspectives.“   Invitation: Many of us are currently grappling with this question, either for ourselves or our loved ones. Even if it's not a current concern, most of us will eventually confront these intricate and perplexing decisions. There is a more effective process and direction available. By tuning into our emotions and innermost thoughts, we can adjust our decisions to match the level of care and empathy that is sustainable for us. We can also shape our narrative to resonate with our emotions, providing us with clarity and purpose. It's about not forcing our emotions into an overly altruistic or unrealistic narrative, nor crafting a tale that solely serves ourselves. There's no need for duty, obligation, or sheer willpower. We can embark on our paths of caregiving in a manner that won't leave us with regrets. We have the ability to represent the divine and be absolved from our past, or mend our boundaries, fulfilling our destiny and aspirations. Attempting to straddle these two paths is painful and leads to burnout. This session is designed to help you discover the unique path meant for you. Throughout this session, everyone will have the opportunity to share what they are comfortable and motivated to share. We will leverage the collective wisdom of each individual's life experiences and use brief stories to open our hearts and minds to fresh perspectives on the familiar.  E-mail your attendance: birthingstar@gmail.com  SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing  18378 Highway 118, Tory Hill, ON   www.froghollowartexperience.com      Douglas Smith Around forty years ago, after sundry adventures in academia, I settled on an old farm near Carnarvon, where I live with Lynn, my partner. We heat with wood, grow great garlic, and generally follow the rural round. When inspiration grips, I write poetry, seeding vivid dreams in fertile ground. Altogether I have published eight slim volumes of my work, the latest being a chapbook titledBring Down Babylon: Poems in a Time of Genocide. Half of the proceeds will go to the people of Palestine, so even if you are not partial to poetry, I ask you to consider buying a copy in support of an urgent cause. Meet Douglas at the upcoming  ‘spoken word’ of the Enchanted Tea Party, in the Gardens on June 2 at 1pm At SpiralGate of Art & Wellbeing 18378 Hwy. 118, Tory Hill, ON to advise your attendance e-mail: birthingstar@gmail.com  for more information on the event visit: www.froghollowartexperience.com