0 Crystal Trail Hike & Meditation

  • by Biljana
  • 06-04-2024


"Love is in the Earth" -Guided Crystal Trail Hike ~ with Crystal Bowls Sound Initiation ~

Explore mineral trails at Titanate Hill, known world wide by its unique findings of: Titanite, Apatite, Richterite, Feldspar, Calcite, Mica among others.
At the explorative and educational part of the experience you will have an opportunity to walk the trail in sacred awareness and witness the minerals at their natural habitat, learn of the crystals metaphysical and healing properties, and have some "findings for keeps".
Followed by and Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation and initiation of your findings in a sacred awareness at SpiralGate of Art and Wellbeing.

Investment: $ 80 per person (only hike ) or $130  Crystal Bowls Meditation 
Families are welcome, for children between 7 to 12 years: $25
All inclusive- including: Crystal Elixir, Crystals and chiseling materials for the one interested( basket, chiseling tools, shovel, hammer, safety classes)
What to bring: Journal; comfortable hiking boots/ wear, bottle for water, snack)

To book your time and register, contact Biljana: birthingstar@gmail.com